Kristo and Cuba.

Kristo is a scientific illustrator from Zurich. In Havana he has found a family - plus architecture, tropical vegetation and classic American cars.


A green oasis.

Kristo's favourite place in Havana is the "Ferrocarril". This is the name of the small park next to the train station, where he sat in the shade of the trees and drew the old cars.


The sugar locomotives.

Once in autumn the small park was filled with steam locomotives from the former sugar factories. These were other remarkable models for drawing.


The museum for old locomotives.

For half a dozen of these locomotives the "Ferrocarril" was the terminal station. Here they were restored and placed under the trees, while Kristo continued to draw.


A book for nostalgics.

Thus Kristo documented the "Ferrocarril" for fifteen years and drew the pictures for his book "The Terminus of the sugar Locomotives".


Higher assistance.

Now all that remains is to ask the patron saint of Cuba, the "Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre", for the benevolent acceptance of the public.